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Jul 16

Preview of Batwoman #11


USA Today has an interview with J.H. Williams III about Batwoman that you should go give a read to hear your thoughts on a certain wonderful character showing up next issue:

One thing Williams wanted to avoid: the cliché of heroes fighting each other before coming to the realization that they should be working together.

Instead, Batwoman smartly realizes the magnitude of what she’ll be up against and it only makes sense to have Wonder Woman along for the adventure.

“Here’s an extremely iconic character in Wonder Woman yet Batwoman is equally iconic because she can stand side by side with someone like Wonder Woman,” Williams says. “It’s that same classic pairing that we would see with Batman and Superman, those World’s Finest stories. Hopefully, it will surprise some people.”

Here’s a look at issue 11 with art by Trevor McCarthy.

Apr 10

Preview of Batwoman #8


Batwoman #8 is out tomorrow and it is the grand finale of Amy Reeder’s run. Here’s a preview.

Feb 6

Jan 11

Batwoman wears bunny slippers


Check out Kate Kane’s slippers. I love the attention to detail that Williams puts in this book. Did you pick it up today? Another great issue that wraps up the first arc and puts Batwoman into a new role for the next arc.

Nov 21

Nov 11






Nov 8

Preview of Batwoman #3


Batwoman issue #3 is out tomorrow and here is a preview.

Oct 7

Oct 6

Batwoman #2 preview


Kate’s been asked to join Batman Inc. which seems to now include Renee, Kate Spencer and Batgirl. Barbara Gordon version. Stephanie is now Spoiler as we saw in the solicit for Leviathan Strikes,

click to embiggen

more embiggening

Oct 4

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